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 英国の勲章制度の一つであるNew Years Honors。2014年の受章者の一人、アントニー・ゴームリー(現代彫刻家)に関するBLOUIN ARTINFOの記事の対訳です。ゴームリーのインタビューはBBCの動画が分かりやすいです。 今日の英国を代表する彫刻家・ゴームリーですが、日本では新潟県十日町で『もうひとつの特異点』や箱根彫刻の森美術館で『密着』などの作品を見ることが出来ます。

アントニー・ゴームリー オフィシャルサイト


BIG GUT, 2013


Antony Gormley Knighted アントニー・ゴームリー、ナイト爵位受章 JANUARY 3, 2014, 12:47 PM 2014年1月3日、午後12時47分

Ashitha Nagesh, ARTINFO U.K. (@UK_ARTINFO)


Contemporary sculptor Antony Gormley has been awarded a knighthood in the 2014 New Years Honors list. Gormley won the Turner Prize in 1994, and received an OBE — Order of the British Empire — in 1997. In 1998 he created “The Angel of the North” in Gateshead near Newcastle, which is now one of the most recognizable monuments in the country.

 現代彫刻家のアントニー・ゴームリーがNew Years Honors 2014にてナイト爵位を授与された。ゴームリーは1994年にターナー賞を受賞し、1997年に大英帝国勲章を贈られた。1998年、ニューキャッスルにほど近いゲーツヘッドに『エンジェル・オブ・ザ・ノース』を制作。この彫刻はイギリスにおいて最も名高い現代彫刻のひとつといえる。


Gormley’s other permanent sculptures in the U.K. include “Transport” (2010), installed in Canterbury Cathedral, and “Witness” (2011) in the British Library. He also received the South Bank Prize for Visual Art in 1999, the Bernhard Heiliger Award for Sculpture in 2007, and the Obayashi Prize in 2012.



He was made a Royal Academician in 2003 and a British Museum trustee in 2007, and is also an honorary fellow of RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects), an honorary doctor of the University of Cambridge, and a fellow of Trinity and Jesus Colleges, in Cambridge.



Gormley said in an interview with the BBC: “the Knighthood is a strange, old-fashioned thing in a way. It’s a sort of fairy tale.”



“Hopefully this will encourage people to look — maybe not to see, but at least to look,” he continued. “You don’t do this job for money, or for honors like this; I think you do it because you can’t not do it. So in a curious way this is a double gift — because it is about recognition, but it’s also about being told ‘well done’ for something that you would have done anyway. And that makes it more precious.”




ANGEL OF THE NORTH in Gateshead, 1998